Crazy 72 hours

It’s been almost 72 hours since our beta launch. Needless to say, the response to Pipes has been overwhelming for everyone on the team (and our servers!). I have finally had a chance to relax/sleep after addressing some of the immediate issues.

Now we can get back to the main reason for introducing Pipes in beta: to find out what people want to do with them and use that feedback to guide our next steps.

We have already been getting a ton of feedback (thank you!), some of it things that we were aware of but didn’t get around to implementing before the beta(eg: date sorts), some of it about ideas further along on our plans (eg: external modules) and some really cool and wild ideas (eg: image processing modules,…).

I would like everyone to know that we are listening to their requests and we will try to evolve Pipes to meet their needs. It would be great if we could get your feedback through our suggestion boards so that we have it all in one place.

I was also amazed/flattered to find that there are already several Pipes tutorials and how-to posts in addition to the ones made by Brady from ORA.



  1. Pasha, does Pipes rip out data from the source feed? I am trying to make the source feed one of my sql feeds generated by RSSBus, but all the rich data that is in the feed (via rss 2.0 module) is ripped out of the final feed produced by Pipes.

  2. Here is an example of the feed I tried to retrieve: Notice that it makes use of several syndication extensions.

  3. Hi Lance: Pipes final RSS output renderer currently emits plain vanilla RSS + georss. the JSON output should contain the full data. We are working on a more complete RSS output renderer.

  4. Excellent work with pipes! I’m totally addicted! (And thanks for the link :)

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