Safari and iPhone

As one would expect, Safari browser is the main vehicle for extending the iPhone’s functionality. This fits with the general trend of applications migrating from desktop binary applications to ones that run in a browser.

I just hope that Apple decides to expose more of iPhone’s unique functionality as JavaScript objects accessible inside Safari. I know that proprietary browser extensions are frowned upon but I think it is justified in this case. Pages taking advantage of these extension would be exclusively targeted at the iPhone and not intended to run anywhere else to cause cross-browser issues.

So, what is on my wish list of extensions:

img =;

light =;

audio = phone.mic.capture();

browsers actually don’t have an native audio representation. so, that is another thing that needs to be added in:;

audio.toText(); // wishful thinking

It would be great to have events that expose the phone’s tilt sensors (similar to mouse events).

Also, some kind of off-line storage and computation similar to Google’s Gears would be great for writing more complex applications. Access to the phone book and calendar would not be too shabby either. I guess the list can just go on and on…

Finally, it is ironic that one of the coolest touch sensitive interfaces in existence does not expose any of the touch and drag/drop events into the browser. I think this was put in place for a backward compatible browsing experience for existing web pages, but I wish it would be exposed for applications that want to explicitly take advantage of the touch interface.


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