Man vs. Nature

Climate change and its implications for humanity are getting more and more mainstream attention. There will no doubt be all sort of crazy technological “fixes” for dealing with the causes of climate changes and its effects.

What if I told told you that I have invented a machine that:

  • Captures CO2 out of the atmosphere and trap it in solid form
  • Is solar powered and does not require any other energy source
  • Can be cheaply deployed in a wide range of terrains and climates
  • Ships in a tiny package and after installation self-assembles from local materials.
  • Low-maintanence: self-repairs in case it is damaged

Of course, I am talking about plants. It seems to me that we already have the ultimate technology for dealing with parts of the climate change challenge. But I am sure people will try to re-invent the wheel and create an “artificial tree” anyway.

In general, we seem to be locked into a cycle of creating technologies to solve problems created by our previously created technologies.



  1. This is insightful. Many of the problems we have in life can be dealt with when approached in this manner.

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