Polyvore Jobs

Polyvore Growth CurveAt Polyvore, we strive to build products that delight people.  

By design, we keep things simple on the surface and yet go to great lengths to make them run better under the hood.  We prefer simple solutions to technical problems but always try to include novelty where it matters — in our products.

If you care about the same things and enjoy working with like-minded people, drop me a line: pasha [at] polyvore [dom] com.



  1. Hi , are you iranian ? :)

  2. Great concept. Sounds like the conversion rate from set creating to buying is the biggest challenge. Love viewing sets but the prices are a deterrent to hit the buy button. Offering low cost alternatives to high cost popular sets may increase your buy ratio. Also, allowing a celebrity stylist like Rachael Zoe to create low cost sets would be another idea to increase revenue. She does the same for Zappos and the shoes sell out immediately.

  3. Hi Pasha,
    I am currently pursuing Fashion Communication and would love to be a part of the polyvore team, particularly for fashion journalism. I am looking for ways to make my portfolio. If you can grant me an opportunity, please do let me know. I will forward my resume to you.
    Thanks a lot!

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