Warehouse Robotics + Data Centers

Inspired by: The Building is the New Server by @w_scottweiss + Faster Than Overnight by @MarcusWohlsen + Amazon buys Kiva Systems

Our future overlords Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook,… are all building new massive datacenters. Servers are custom designed for maximizing density, and ease of replacing failed components.

The next logical step is datacenters built similar to modern warehouses used by the likes of Amazon for order fulfillment. Modern warehouses are designed to allow robots to stock and retrieve all the goods from shelves. These warehouses acheive far higher efficiency and density than those operated by humans. Because of the structured nature of datacenters (racks upon rack of servers) robots could be similarly adapted to replace failed components, servers, etc… in datacenters. Designing with robots in mind might enable entirely new layouts, topologies and environments for increased density and cooling performance.


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