Google Glass: Revolutionary but Not Quite Right

Google Glass is not visually symmetric.

Google Glass is revolutionary because it takes a big step away from the traditional screen + keyboard/mouse/touchscreen paradigm and towards a hands-free, always-on personal computing experience.

But it will most likely fail to gain mainstream adoption because of at least one simple reason: lack of visual symmetry.

Humans equate symmerty in faces to beauty.  That is why people usually wear facial jewelry like earrings in identical pairs.  Google Glass’s current design breaks that visual symmetry.  Every time I have encountered someone wearing one on the street, I have been thrown off — I can’t look the other person’s face without being completely focused on the display/camera module.  It is as if the other person had a huge, impossible to ignore, pimple on their forehead.  This is in contradiction with the goal of getting technology out of the way of natural interactions.

However, the next version might not have this flaw.

Update: I am not the only person with this idea.  Here are actual designer’s attempts at re-designing Google Glass.  All the  variations are symmetric: Bloomberg — Four Stylish Google Glass Re-Designs



  1. Amir Y says:

    Interesting thought. Though it’s easy for a 3rd party company to come up with left side(mostly) symmetric piece with matching color. Just like in the beginning of iPhone days most people bought a 3rd party cover for it.

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