IKEA Curtains

We recently moved and had to buy some curtains for our bare windows. As it happened, we had a chance to try all the different types of curtains sold at IKEA. Since this does not happen often, I thought I’d write up my take on each system.

INDEX: The basic curtain system that you find everywhere — rods and hangers. Nothing new here.

KVARTAL: IKEAs more slick take on the curtain. These are hanging panels that create a more modern look. You can even hang them in the middle of a room to divide the space into two. The main problem with them is the installation. It involves a fair bit of assembly and it is difficult to assemble the curtain panels such that they hang straight down. Our first attempt resulted in a crocked teeth effect :) It is also hard to move the panels in the rails.

DIGNITET: This a simple steel cable that you attach to opposing walls to hang curtains on. It is the simplest to assemble and install. The only requirement is that you have something solid in the wall to bolt the end points into.  Using their hanger clips, you can use most curtain panels with this system.  The end result is very slick and minimal in appearance. This is my favorite by far and I recommend it where you the opportunity to use it.